Academic project about this competition

I am currently a grad student and I was wondering if I could write a paper describing my methods and the different results I get with your data. I understand that the volatility is computed with a proprietary algorithm and I thought that asking you if I have the right to do so was the right thing to do. If anyone could contact me directly or post an answer, I could provide more details about my academic project and the way I would use the data.

Thank you so much for your help!

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That’s a useful idea.

CFM would be happy to see such a paper on the CFM challenge be released.

Now, it’d be even more useful if you post a link to the paper in this forum when you are done (in the Machine Learning category).

Thanks and good luck!

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Of course, we will publish the paper when we finish it and send it to CFM. Thank you so much for the authorisation.