End-of-year ranking 2019: official top 10

The final ranking of the 2019 Challenge Data is available on the official website, and is visible from any participant (if the link doesn’t work, go to the “Final Ranking” tab of the Prediction of Daily Stock Movements challenge).

The top full names and rank are as follows:

  1. Cyrille DELABRE
  2. Laurent DEBORDE
  3. Christophe LEROUX
  4. Charles AUGUSTE
  5. (Ms2011)
  6. Arthur BERNARD
  7. Valerio VOLPATI & Christian SCHMIDT
  8. Bruno FERGANI
  9. Wenting QIU
  10. Liqiu MA
  11. (strat)
  12. Cyril GARCIA

Prizes will be awarded as planned.

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