Mid-2020 final ranking!

The final (“private”) mid-year ranking for the 2020 CFM Challenge Data is out! Congratulations to everybody. Here it is, with the scores:

  1. qjacob: 0.4909
  2. yosri.sakly-louis.lapassat: 0.4882
  3. chamine: 0.4865
  4. realFrancoisPignon: 0.4862
  5. junior: 0.4859
  6. Guillaume: 0.4850
  7. gary: 0.4850
  8. john_fhima & john: 0.4844
  9. dofuer99: 0.4842
  10. Frapy: 0.4832

The scores look close to each other, but the ranking is robust: the ordering of the teams is similar to the ordering from the public ranking, again this year.

Capital Fund Management will organize, as planned, a celebration event, complete with presentations, with the top-3 student participants. These presentations will be made publicly available whenever possible.

All of the participants above were invited to introduce themselves to CFM and to ask any question they have!

If you haven’t started yet, it is still time to start competing and reach a top spot! The final ranking will be in December and will be open to everybody. Good luck!

I am one of the participants above but I am not a student anymore. When will I be invited to introduce myself and ask questions?

Not being a student is not a criterion for this, so you’re good.

Please contact me at eric.lebigot@cfm.fr so that we can find a slot that suits you.