Deadlines for the 2018 challenge


I’m a bit confused about which deadlines for the challenge apply. It seems the challenge is open up to December but for previous challenges’ it seems prizes were given in June.

When will the competition end and prizes awarded?

I’m sorry if this was already made clear.


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Good point, thanks!

Prizes will be awarded similarly this year, so around June (2018). The private leader board (i.e. the performance based on a secret part of the test data), which gives ranks for the prizes, will be published at that time and will not change afterwards (since it only exists for this purpose).

The competition itself will be open until the announced date (in December 2018): participants will still have access to the data and to the public leader board so as to check how good their predictions are.

PS: The precise date for the prize ranking is June 1st, 2018. On that day, an “academic”/private leader board will be published on the challenge website. Good luck!

Will “academic” leaderboard be updated after the second deadline in December 2018?

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Precisely. There will be a second and final “academic” ranking at the end of December (based, like the June ranking, on a specific subset of the test data), with prizes too.

This is a change compared to the initial plan of having only one final ranking. All the Challenge Data challenges will now have a December final ranking (this was announced somewhere else in this forum).

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Hi Eric,

could you specify the exact deadline for the competition. Is it at 00:01 or 23:59 of December 27th, 2018?


Good question! The deadline is 23:59:59 on December 27th, 2018.