Prizes for December 2018

Today’s news is that there will also be prizes for the December 27, 2018 ranking (following the mid-2018 prizes).

Now is a good time to start or resume competing!

More details can be found in the post Welcome to the CFM Data Challenge Forum.


I just came across this challenge from google search. Seems I already missed the first part of it. Can I just start as today to compete for the Dec deadline?

Thanks for the reply.


It would be great if you started now!

The only deadline is December 27th, 2018. Anybody can jump onboard anytime. Competitors who start now can get a head start thanks to the solutions published recently.

Will we be able to upload and get a MAPE-score after the 27 of December? That would be much appreciated as I am doing a project about this data set, and ideally I would like som more time to improve my models.

Yes, you will get scores after submitting predictions even after the deadline (within a reasonable time frame). However, the scores will not be stored (or displayed later) on the site.