Inviting someone to form a team


I’m sorry if this is obvious, but how does one pair up with someone else for the challenge? If we didn’t manage to do it so far, is it okay if we carry on as long as we only post submissions from one account?

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Good question! Let me check with the organizers of the Data Challenge ENS to see if there is any constraint in this case.

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The general rule for the Data Challenge ENS (beyond this particular CFM challenge) is that each group has essentially the same number of daily submissions as an individual participant (two, currently). This keeps the competition more open (as the advantage of working as a group is offset by a “normal” number of daily submissions), while leaving room for a productive collaboration.

Concretely, the options for representing a group in the leader board are:

  1. If the participation is done for a specific class, then when registering for a challenge, an invitation can be sent to an already registered participants: this creates a group of two participants. Each participant can then submit individually (I am guessing that the group has however the same number of daily participations as an individual, not twice as many). If this invitation is not sent while doing the second registration, then the other methods in this list can be used.
  2. Otherwise, it is possible to create a group account that represents all the participants, and submissions must be done from this account.
  3. Another option in the previous case is to use the account of a single participant for submissions (the other group members are then not allowed to submit).

If you have any follow up question, please don’t hesitate to continue the conversation here!

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PS: This forum allows private conversations between users, so this can be a great collaboration tool for groups!